Sunday, July 8, 2007

End of the Gemini for this Year

Horoscope for This Date in Time:

Dear Gemini:

Every one of your questions --

from 'Where should I go next in life?' to 'Why is this person in my life?' --

deserves an answer,

but you have to go and find it yourself.

Today, heed your curiosity and go to the source of the mystery.

Ask that person why they value you in their life,

and then you will get a better idea of why they are in yours.

Then ask yourself what you're most interested in --

whatever captures your imagination is something

that deserves further exploration

The End of the Geminis for this Time

July 7th, 2007

The Year was 2007

It will never come again.

Follow your heart and strive to be happy.
Thanks for your visit and interest.

The Gemini Twins.

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